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First Time Drivers

If you’re a first time driver and need to arrange car insurance for the first time – we have a range of specialist solutions to help keep the costs allowing you to start earning No Claims Discounts even with a provisional licence.

Young Drivers Paying High Premiums

If you’re frustrated with paying high car insurance premiums, telematics could be the answer. Potential savings of 60% on non-telematics policies & earn up to 25% renewal discount.

Parents Needing Peace Of Mind

If you’re trying to help your child on the road to independent driving, telematics could give them the freedom they need and give you the peace of mind knowing that they’re being discreetly monitored to ensure they drive safe.

Solutions For Everyone

If you just need short-term cover to learn to drive in your own car or someone else's we can help with that too.


How Can We Offer You The Best Price?

Here’s The Benefit Of Joining Us

• No Claims Protection.
• Free Inclusive Legal & Breakdown Assistance.
• Uninsured Loss Recovery.
• Free Inclusive Keycare Cover.
• Choice Of Various Payment Plans.


Young Drivers Insurance is one of the leading insurance brokers in Northern Ireland. We tailor all our policies to your specific needs to offer you the most affordable insurance possible.

How Telematics WorkWhat We MonitorHow Do I Know How I'm Doing?

The basic idea behind telematics insurance is that the specific use of a car and the driver’s behaviour and ability are monitored in real time. This information is transmitted from a device in the car to the insurance company. The insurance company can then assess the risk of that driver having an accident and tailor their insurance premium to the individual.

By tracking your car’s movements through GPS systems, insurance providers can monitor and assess:

What mileage you’re covering;
How rapid your acceleration is;
How smoothly you brake;
How you handle cornering;
Your speed

Once you have installed the device you will receive your log in details in an email including a temporary password.

From any browser simply go to www.mydrivingstyle.co.uk
MyDrivingStyle.co.uk gives you rapid feedback on your driving style and how you can improve. Not only will this help you drive more safely, save money on fuel and tyre wear but it will improve your chances of saving money on your motor insurance at the end of the year.

We show you your overall TRACKER Score, areas what you are doing well, not so well, as well as your journeys. The overall TRACKER Score is broken down into the component parts we call them the ABCS:

– Acceleration,
– Braking,
– Cornering and
– Speeding.




We’re proud to be partnered with the biggest names in insurance to offer competitive quotes you won’t find anywhere else!

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